INCREDIBLE rowing marathon:
Cross the Black sea rowing
  • 300 km
  • only due to muscular
    strength of rowers
To set
a world record!
In support of Russian sport
Greeting from the Initiator of the Project
Everybody has a dream.
When a dream become a purpose, it becomes achievable.
Not so long ago our team had a dream to cross Black Sea on the rowing boat, using only muscular strength of oarsmen. And do it faster, than somebody else ever did it, using only muscular strength!
There are goosebumps when you think that nobody crossed water surface with such speed and so fast before you in the whole history of Black Sea. And it's about 8-10 thousands years! (Of course we mean the speed that works from muscles creates, we don't take into account mechanical wehicles).
There are professional rowers, participants of Olympic games, European champions and prize-winners of world championships, champions of Russia in our team, who passed thousands kilometers in trainings. Someone from our sportsmen has counted, that he “crossed” the Earth 2 times on boat and passed 86000 km (if to sum up all mileage).
We organize this marathon to attract the attention to sport and healthy lifestyle , because we know that movement is life.
With God!
Sincerely, Melikhov Sergey.
Section “Sponsors”
Millions people will know about You!
This record will be covered in Russian and foreign media (TV channels, radio, newspapers, Internet portals). Our sponsors will get a lot of publicity and good PR!
    Becoming a sponsor, you will be able to:
  • Advertise your company, products, services
  • Raise the rating of your company, brand
  • Increase the number of new customers
Participating in this marathon, you once again prove that your company has an active social position.
Why do we do this?
  • We want our country have many healthy people, strong in body and spirit. This marathon is organized to attract attention to sport and a healthy lifestyle.
  • We want to show that as a result of hard work and discipline, you can achieve even the most incredible goals and dreams.
  • 300 km
  • in the open
A point
The length of the distance: 300 km
B point
  • Trabzon city
  • Sochi city
    Russian Federation
The boat overcomes 300 km in the open sea
Time to overcome the distance depending on the weather conditions:
In case of emergency, a launch is planned (with a doctor and other specialists), which will accompany the rowing boat throughout the course of the race
Rowing boat
Boat for coastal rowing, designed
for 4 seats for rowers and 1 seat for the helmsman
    Boat parameters:
  • width:
    1,35 m
  • length:
    10,7 m
  • weight:
    140 kg
materials: carbon, polyester non-woven material, vinyl ester resins
Professional athletes, champions of Russia, the world and participants of the Olympic Games participate in the training
And only the best sportsmen by the result of training will board the boat.
  • Shusin Sergey


    Master of Sport.

  • Salov Igor


    Master of Sports of International Class

  • Melikhov Sergey


    Since 1997 he has been professionally engaged in academic rowing

  • Melikhov Maksim


    Candidate Master of Sports

  • Moskalev Stepan


    Candidate Master of Sports

  • Dorotenko Pavel


    Candidate Master of Sports

  • Tokar Evgeniy


    Master of Sport

  • Pogonya Maxim


    Master of Sports in Rowing

  • Ustinov Mikhail


    Master of Sport

  • Samsonov Yuri


    Candidate Master of Sports

  • Babkov Ivan

    1999 start career in rowing.

  • Kochka Vladimir


    1995 — 1998 engaged in the pentathlon

8, Beregovaya st.,
office 1308, Rostov-on-Don, Russia
project manager
Masko Juliya
initiator of the project
Melikhov Sergey
With the support